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I hold a stalk in my hand. I am the stalk. My roots go down to the depths of the world, through earth dry with brick, and damp earth, through veins of lead and silver. I am all fibre. All tremors shake me, and the weight of the earth is pressed to my ribs. Up here my eyes are green leaves, unseeing. I am a boy in grey flannels with a belt fastened by a brass snake up here. Down there my eyes are the lidless eyes of a stone figure in a desert by the Nile. I see women passing with red pitchers to the river; I see camels swaying and men in turbans. I hear tramplings, tremblings, stirrings round me.

Virginia Woolf

Some b-day guest came from the pencil. Лёля
New place
Textile design sketch
I watched you change
Interactive apparel of the week! Yeah
Design details/ texture
Keep workin’ on Jekka’s interactive dress
Sketch for costume of ‘The People’ performance’s character
The People performance is a co-production of Dialogue Dance company and the Society of deaf as a part of “Theatre+society ” project supported by Ministery of Culture of the Russian Federation. Costumery by Valeria Pekarskaya